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ME First Revolution

Embrace The Leader Within - inspiring Muslim women to step up and lead their life rather than allow life to lead them.

45 Interviews with 45 experts from across the globe came together to share their stories, wisdom and lessons with their sisters in Islam.

40+ experts & Embrace The Leader Within

What you can expect from the ME First Revolution, is all the tips and advice you need to:

  • Have an amazing marriage... even if you share your husband with another wife or the in-laws
  • Stop the yelling & screaming at home... instead have the peace and harmony you long for (including kids that listen when you speak to them!)
  • Create the environment (time and space) you need to worship Allah passionately, be productive & confidently excel in every area of your life.
  • Fulfill your dreams of being an extraordinary entrepreneur, knowledgeable student, homeschooling mum or anything else that takes your fancy!
  • Have the financial freedom, feel totally awesome in body, mind & soul... to do whatever you want!
  • And so much more…

All this & become an amazing leader for the ones you love!

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The advice, wisdom and stories in these interviews will never age. take advantage of this special offer and purchase all 45 interviews for $47 (Usually $247)