It's about women putting themselves first

You can't fill a cup from an empty vessel and yet we try and do it everyday.

The ME First Summit is a message of hope and inspiration for the women of the world to give themselves permission to be important, valuable and worth putting first.

Let's face it, if we don't do it, no one else is going to!

The Story

For many years I have been working with mothers, especially Muslim mothers and teaching them how to parent from a peaceful place inside. the key to this way of parenting is our own inner peace, inner salaam. So a key element of my program is teaching women what is going on for them that is causing the inner chaos so they can turn it around to inner calm.

The problem was that so many of them were full of excuses, too busy, not enough time, not time for me, I have too many people to look after, how can you expect me to find inner calm.

Don’t get me wrong, they understood the necessity of inner calm for their parenting to work, they just couldn’t see how it was possible for them to have it.

So I decided to get a bunch of experts in all aspects of life to tell them how important it was to put themselves first.

That’s where the title ME First came from, and I capitalised the ME to make sure they understood I meant it!

So the first summit was born and went live in January 2017 with 28 talks by 24 different experts.

We had around 2500 attend and the feedback was really positive and exciting.

What came out of this first experience was many lessons, not just how hard, time consuming, stressful and expensive a summit is to run (I went into it without a clue and just made it happen!) but just how life changing, inspiring, connecting and fulfilling it was for everyone involved. You can see what some have said about their involvement in the summits in the “It changes lives” section of this website.

It is my intention to keep this movement going, despite the resources and effort it takes to put together, because I think together we make a difference. I see this as a way for Muslim sisters to connect with the experts they need, discover what help is out there for them. I also see it as a way of Muslim women experts to connect with the Umma and be a part of the solution. It is a small step, the big work is done after the summit when my sisters in Islam invest in getting the help they need and reach out to the expert that resonated with their needs.

And for the experts, alone it is hard work, together we can change the world , in sha Allah.

Meet Kathryn

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Kathryn Jones


Kathryn Jones is the author of Step Up. Embrace The Leader Within, a book dedicated to supporting Muslim women discover their inner leader and step up in every aspect of their lives.
She is the founder of the Beautiful Muslimah Academy, the annual ME First Summit and the Great Ramadan Giveaway. She is known internationally as the Peaceful Parenting Coach, as well as a Business Performance Coachor Muslim women experts & professionals who wish to launch a legacy by bringing their life's work online. Her primary focus is on supporting Muslim women to step up and embrace the leader within themselves so they can take charge of their lives, rather than have life take charge of them.

Kathryn’s mission in life is to make a difference in the world of Muslim women and lead them from oppression to success and purpose in life. She is particularly passionate about addressing the ‘tough’ subjects, such as depression, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, abusive parenting and other topics that are often swept under the carpet. Although she would love to change the lives of every individual touched by these experiences, she realises that to fulfil this mission she needs other Muslim women to be successfully doing this work. To build a revolution of Muslim women coaching Muslim women, she established the annual ME First Summit and her own online marketing program especially to fast track their success.

She loves to bust the stereotypes people have about Muslim women just by being herself and supporting other Muslim women to follow suit. It is possible for every Muslim woman to be a part of the solution by embracing the leader within themselves. Kathryn’s program Step Up: Leadership For Muslim Women helps Muslim women take charge of their lives and live purposefully.